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Valet Parking in South Florida

When you demand the most professional staff for duties ranging from valet parking to concierge services, turn to Key Parking Services of Miami, Florida. We can meet your high standards of excellence.

High-End Valet Parking

Key Parking Services has the highest standards for valet staff. Some of the qualities you will find in our valet attendants are: good driving records, bilingual, courteous, polite, security minded, honest, punctual, and professional.


Most of our employees have been with us for years and all managers and supervisors have started at the bottom of the ladder and have earned their way up within the company. Our continuous training program keeps our employees engaged with the quality service we want to provide.

Concierge & Front Desk 
Parking Management

Key Parking Services is available for consulting services and is capable of analyzing any parking facility for the purpose of improving policies and programs with an end result in a more efficient use of parking resources.


We will investigate problems with current parking planning practices; then discuss the costs of parking facilities and the savings that can result from improved management. We define strategies and how they can be implemented to develop the optimal parking management program in a particular situation.


Cost-effective parking management programs can usually reduce parking requirements by 20-40% compared with conventional planning requirements, providing many economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Our staffing solutions include finding the right concierge to fit the needs of residents in your building or hotel. The employee will be knowledgeable of local areas and may also provide standard security management. We staff women and men who have the expertise to implement the procedures and guidelines that are set forth within the building.

We can provide a doorperson, for your high-end condominium or hotel, who possesses the right attitude for the perfect first impression. She or he will come in uniforms with hospitality training and be long term or temporary and under contact. Our doorperson will be scheduled to meet the needs of the property.

Garage Management 

We lease or manage garage parking facilities. It does not matter how big or small. We service commercial garages, medical complexes, and hospitals or office buildings. We oversee the revenue, repairs, cleaning, and access control systems. This service will be under a yearly contract or longer. 

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